Northside Fire Station

The Northside Fire Station at 624 East Fourth Street, was one of two new fire stations constructed in Reno in 1917, both in the "bungalow" style, which featured a front porch. While the Southside Station at the corner of South Virginia and California Streets was designed to resemble a residence, in keeping with its surrounding context, this one was constructed to fit in with the contemporary industrial nature of East Fourth St. The architect for both was renowned Nevada architect Frederic DeLongchamps.

Initially designated the Northside Station (and sometimes called Station 2 or Station 3), this was one of just three stations in Reno at the time. Already standing was the Central Station, located at the intersection of Commercial Row and West Street. When the Southside and Northside Stations were built in 1917, Reno was just switching from horse-drawn to motorized apparatus.

This station was vacated by the Reno Fire Department in 1950 when a new, much larger station was built at Fifth Street and Morrill Avenue. The Northside Station building still exists but the front has been extensively remodeled.

This entry appears in partnership with Reno Fire Antique and Classic Apparatus, Inc., which was established to acquire, restore, and display fire apparatus related to the Reno Fire Department.



624 East 4th Street, Reno, Nevada